Classic Contemporary

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Modern Treehouse


32_5365 SE 51st
12_5365 SE 51st
05_5365 SE 51st
08_5365 SE 51st
10_5365 SE 51st
24_5365 SE 51st
27_5365 SE 51st

Kenton Bungalow

21_2218 N Winchell
18_2218 N Winchell
13_2218 N Winchell
19_2218 N Winchell
34_2218 N Winchell
1822 SW Moss St Portland, OR 97219 Web-8
1822 SW Moss St Portland, OR 97219 Web-15
1822 SW Moss St Portland, OR 97219 Web-17
1822 SW Moss St Portland, OR 97219 Web-19
1822 SW Moss St Portland, OR 97219 Web-22

SW Modern

Multnomah Modern

Custom Modern House Portland
Living Room
Entry Living Area
Living room
Custom Kitchen
Master Bed
Master Bath
SW Moss

Evergreen Homes' employs a whole site approach to construction. By viewing each piece of a project as part of the larger whole, we are able to integrate energy and resource saving systems into our homes cost effectively. Not only do our homes minimize their environmental impact, they are safer, more comfortable and less expensive to own than homes built to conventional code requirements. This combined with compelling design, character, and lasting quality, and hopefully you will begin to appreciate our homes as much as we do.

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Sellwood Home with ADU

Sellwood Kitchen
Sellwood Kitchen and Dining
Sellwood New Construction
Master Bath Vanity
Master Bath
Sellwood ADU
Sellwood ADU